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Android Oreo Bug Disabling Mobile Data on Hitting Data Limits on Nexus and Pixel Smartphones

People using Android Oreo have been facing the issue of their devices disabling the mobile data for those mobile apps as well which are provided with zero-rated data.

Android Oreo was launched a few weeks back and is not available to a large customer base.  Only some select Google devices have access to it. As a result of this, not many users have been facing this issue but the ones with the Oreo update are infuriated.

What exactly happened?

This issue was first reported by a user of Android Oreo stating that his normal plan was allowing him to use WhatsApp and other applications even after his data pack got exhausted. However, after upgrading to Android Oreo, as soon as the data limit is reached, the mobile data is cut off.

What could be the possible cause of the issue?

This situation could have arisen due to the “useful” feature of disabling mobile data for all apps as soon as the data limit is about to get exhausted. This feature had been installed to save on data but this instead turned the other way round.

What other issues have come up in Android Oreo?

This has been the second major issue in the update. The first one was related to the download taking place on mobile data instead of turning on the Wi-Fi.

The Pixel Community Manager has already addressed the public saying that the company is aware of the issue and is working towards solving it. However, no specific date as to when the issue will get resolved has been announced as yet.


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